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IRS Audits

Taxation Solutions in Columbia- AuditIf you're facing an audit by the IRS, your first instinct might be to panic. However, while it’s true that IRS audits are a big deal, with a tax professional on your side to guide you through the process, you can let go of your stress and worry. In the greater Columbia area, your best bet for audit defense is Taxation Solutions, Inc. We’ve been helping our clients come through audits with good results for a combined 40 years, and we’re ready to put that experience to work on your case. Don’t let a tax audit scare you—take charge of your tax problems by calling or e-mailing us today!

Helping you through a tax audit isn’t just about speaking to the auditor on your behalf. Your Taxation Solutions pro will also:

  • Determine possible reasons for the audit by the IRS
  • Help you gather all necessary paperwork to support your claims
  • Represent you during the audit proceedings
  • Negotiate any tax settlements needed for you to pay what you owe
  • Advise you on avoiding an audit from the IRS in the future

We make it a point to become extremely familiar with your financial situation. Getting to know your finances allows us to assess the return that led to the tax audit, locate any red flags that might have set the IRS on your case, and come up with tailored tax resolution strategies to help you through any fallout from the audit. For instance, if you’re found to owe a sum of money to the IRS, we can negotiate a tax settlement, such as an offer in compromise, to help you pay without suffering financial hardship.

Taxation Solutions offers some of the best-quality help for tax problems in all of Columbia. We pair our skilled and thorough work with a commitment to excellent customer service. We understand that an audit from the IRS is stressful, and that you need a calm, competent, and knowledgeable tax expert by your side in order to feel secure. You can count on our licensed and insured team to get you the best possible audit IRS results.

Emergency Service for IRS Audits

Have you waited until the last minute to prepare for an individual or business audit? Taxation Solutions is pleased to offer emergency services. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure that we’re ready to meet your audit defense deadline. We’ll always work efficiently to ensure that you don’t face additional penalties or fines related to your audit. Our goal is to bring an end to your tax woes, and if that means working outside of business hours, that’s what we’ll do.

Taxation Solutions is your choice for audit IRS preparation and representation in and around Columbia. And, because we offer a wide array of tax resolution services, including offer in compromise negotiation, we’ll be by your side after the audit, until you’re looking toward a brighter financial future. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you, and to schedule your free initial consultation! 

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