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IRS Tax Settlement

Taxation Solutions in Columbia- Dollar Bill Puzzle PiecesIf you're facing a tax debt to the IRS that you'll probably never be able to pay, it might be time to seek a tax settlement. Depending on your eligibility, you may be able to set up a payment plan, or even get your total tax balance reduced. Tax settlements are difficult to negotiate on your own, which is why it's important to call in IRS settlement professionals to help you wade through the forms, procedures, and provisions. If you live or own a business in or around Columbia, you can count on Taxation Solutions, Inc. for expert help with tax debt reduction and much more! We'll do our best to find a solution to your problems that meets your needs while also satisfying the IRS's demands. Call today. 

The Taxation Solutions team has 40 years of combined experience negotiating tax settlements with the IRS. We can help you obtain an IRS settlement that will relieve both your stress and the financial pressure. Let us help you with:

  • Offers in compromise
  • Installment agreements
  • Penalty abatement
  • Innocent spouse relief claims
  • Stopping wage garnishment 
  • Lifting liens and levies against you 
  • And more! 

From an offer in compromise, which can allow you to settle your tax debt for less than what you actually owe, to lifting bank liens and levies against your assets, tax settlements can be the answer to many tax problems. Increase your chances of securing vital IRS debt forgiveness by working with the tax team with a great track record of helping our clients through sticky tax situations. Thanks to our high level of experience and our commitment to quality workmanship on every job, with Taxation Solutions on your side, you can look forward to restored financial health. 

Free Initial Taxes Settlement Consultations

When you're in need of a taxes settlement, you're already in a bit of financial hot water. The last thing you need is to pay an arm and a leg for professional tax help. When you work with Taxation Solutions, you can be sure you'll pay a fee that's honest, fair, and completely worth our expert services. We're pleased to provide initial consultations with our tax attorneys and other tax pros free of charge, as well, so you can discuss your situation and get our knowledgeable opinion on how to proceed and what the process will cost. Free estimates—just one of the many ways Taxation Solutions aims to offer superior customer service to individuals and business entities in Columbia. 

We're fully licensed and insured for all of the tax debt reduction services we offer. We're also affiliated with the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers and the Better Business Bureau. We'll work efficiently to bring you effective solutions and lighten your financial load. When you're going it alone, it's pretty tough to get the best possible outcome when dealing with the IRS. The odds definitely shift in your favor, though, when you contact Taxation Solutions to be your personal tax advocate. We'll negotiate directly with the IRS to achieve a mutually acceptable IRS settlement or easy-to-handle payment plan. Call or e-mail us now for more information about your tax settlement options! We have the know-how, the experience, and the credentials to help you obtain true tax debt relief. 

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