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Innocent Spouse Relief

Are you a married or divorced taxpayer being hit with a huge tax bill that you don't think you should be held accountable for? If your spouse or ex-spouse failed to report income, claimed improper deductions on your joint tax return without your knowledge, or made other mistakes resulting in tax debts, you may be eligible for innocent spouse relief. And Taxation Solutions, Inc. can help!

By enlisting our expertise in preparing the necessary documentation and paperwork, you can greatly increase your chances of being approved for an innocent spouse relief claim. We'd be happy to review your situation with you and let you know whether you are likely to qualify for this IRS program. We'll then negotiate directly with the IRS on your behalf to help ensure you can minimize your tax debts under the innocent spouse relief rule. Call or e-mail us at Taxation Solutions, Inc. in Columbia to schedule your free initial consultation. As licensed tax attorneys and tax consultants, we're extremely well versed in the latest tax laws, IRS policies, and tax relief procedures.

Why should you be held accountable for the tax-reporting errors or omissions of your ex-spouse if you had absolutely no knowledge that it was taking place? We can help you effectively present your case to the IRS and increase your chances of being approved for innocent spouse relief. There's usually a lot at stake in these situations, so don't attempt to navigate the system on your own. Our tax resolution firm has over 40 years of combined experience behind us, and we can make sure you maximize your chances of getting the innocent spouse tax relief you deserve.

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