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Offers in Compromise

Are you buried in tax debt and not sure what to do about it? Depending on the size of your outstanding tax liability and other factors, you may be eligible for an IRS offer in compromise. In a nutshell: The IRS may be willing to reduce the total amount of your tax debt if you don't have the financial resources or ability to pay off the money owed within a reasonable period of time.

At Taxation Solutions, Inc., our team of seasoned tax attorneys and other tax professionals can help you submit a credible offer in compromise to the IRS. We'll assist you in meeting deadlines, completing the necessary paperwork, and complying with all the requirements to secure an offer and compromise. With over 40 years of combined experience, we know what the tax authorities are looking for and how to maximize your chances of being approved for an IRS compromise or other tax relief settlement.

By enlisting our firm to professionally prepare and submit an IRS offer in compromise, you'll be taking a major step forward in resolving your tax difficulties once and for all. Having our knowledgeable tax consultants in your corner opens up a range of solutions for you, including the possibility of installment payments, negotiated settlements, and even tax debt forgiveness through an IRS compromise. Take the first step today by calling us for a free initial consultation.

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